Swimming Pools:

The Good News & The Bad News

Good News:

You have an amazing pool in your backyard that's great for family fun, revitalizing exercise, refreshing dips, and parties with friends.

Bad News:

Heating your pool is costly when using a gas heater, so your pool is cold and nobody wants to use it.


NO MORE COLD POOL DAYS FAFCO solar panels can heat your pool to luxuriously warm temps all season long for $0 using the abundant clean energy from the sun.

SAVE MONEY INSTEAD OF SPENDING Dramatically reduce or eliminate costly gas heating for your pool & save it for more important or fun plans.

FULLY AUTOMATED Solar enables itself whenever the sun's rays are available & maintains your pool at luxuriously warm temperatures.


ELIMINATE YOUR MONTHLY ELECTRIC BILL with solar producing all or a majority of your power, enjoy annual electric bills under $100.

FINANCIALLY SOUND & FEASIBLE spend less on "buying" electricity, see positive cash flow, federal tax credits that you keep, and take advantage of special finacing if desired.

SIMPLE & CAREFREE power your home's needs during the day & excess power gets sent to the grid earning you energy credits to use at night, without a thought or action needed on your part.

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