Solar Pool Heating Benefits

Installing a Solar System is an intelligent choice:

Fiscally Wise

Dramatically reduce or eliminate your pool heating costs with a POCO/FAFCO system. Hands down heating a pool with solar has the best ROI compared to all other solar technologies. Add value to your pool and home when you install a solar pool heating system.

Swim More

You probably made the investment in your new pool, or a house with a pool, because you like swimming and relaxing in a backyard environment that includes a warm inviting pool. Extend your swim season by a factor of 2 with luxuriously warm solar heated water.


FAFCO is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar pool heating collectors, with over 125,000 systems and 1,000,000 solar panels installed worldwide. FAFCO pioneered the use of polymers for solar pool heating in 1969 and set the standards for the solar industry worldwide. Their Revolution solar panel comes with a full 15 year Worry-Free Warranty.

Environmentally Responsible

You’ll enjoy swimming even more knowing that your water is heated using the sun’s unlimited clean energy. Do your part to reduce energy consumption, the use of fossil fuels, and pollution.

The bottom line is POCO/FAFCO pool heaters use natural solar energy in an easy, safe, and cost-effective way.